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Colby-Sawyer College to Host Concert by Composer and Double-Neck Guitarist Ian Ethan

NEW LONDON, N.H, Jan. 10, 2011 – Colby-Sawyer College will host a performance by musician Ian Ethan, an accomplished double-neck guitarist whose live performances feature his hypnotic original compositions and mastery of new playing techniques for this unusual instrument.

Ethan will perform in Wheeler Hall at the Ware Campus Center on Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011 at 7 p.m. The event is sponsored by the Cultural Events Committee, and the public is invited to attend. Admission is free.

Ethan was always drawn to music and began playing the piano, drums, saxophone, electric guitar and bass by age 5. He encountered the double-neck guitar at the Berklee College of Music in 2005 and instantly felt he had found the “incredibly right” instrument for him. Since that time, he has devoted his talents to developing and mastering nearly a dozen different playing techniques that realize the double-neck guitar's full potential and harmonic range.

Ethan's debut album “Into Open Land” features music that varies from intensely percussive to delicately melodic. His live musical performances are no less diverse than his album and captivate audiences through thoughtful and awe-inspiring playing techniques.

“It has been my personal privilege to observe his unwavering and deep exploration of this new technique and on a relatively rare instrument,” says Emmy-winning composer/producer Peter Bruce Wilder says of Ethan. “The original music of Ian Ethan is not to be missed.”

Although the double-neck guitar remains the highlight of Ethan's performances, he has discovered another unique instrument, the African kalimba, also known as a “thumb piano.” The deep, rich tones of this tiny, hand-held instrument provide an alternative sound in his live performances.

Through his performances across the country, Ethan unassumingly showcases these instruments and his amazing musical skills, captivating his audiences with melody and rhythm.

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-Jessica McLavey '10