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President Galligan Announces Resident Assistant Appreciation Day

To honor the extraordinary contributions that resident assistants make every day to supporting Colby-Sawyer students and encouraging their growth and learning, President Galligan has issued the following proclamation:

In recognition of the outstanding work that Resident Assistants do to get to know students, develop communities based on individual responsibility and respect for others, and to provide opportunities for student learning, April 10, 2007 is hereby declared RA Appreciation Day at Colby-Sawyer College. Please join the College in recognizing and thanking the following student leaders:

Lauri Baudanza
Nicole Berthiaume
Allison Blood
John Bryan
Aleshia Carlsen
Sarah Champagne
Jennifer Chase
TJ Coffrin
Janine DeSerres
Larissa Dillman
Sarah Gibbon
Nicole Horgan
Nicole Iapicca
Zack Irish
Amy Janiak
Jason Kelly
Jennifer Madigan
Tomas McCahill
Molly Mullen
Cheri Ovens
Ashley Rodkey


Thomas C. Galligan Jr.

President of the College