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College Celebrates Service, Devotion of Staff and Faculty

NEW LONDON, N.H., Feb. 28, 2013 - On Wednesday, Feb. 13, faculty and staff gathered for a Celebration of Service, to honor their colleagues' accomplishments and dedication to Colby-Sawyer College. Collectively, these employees met milestones in 2012 that constituted 665 years of service to Colby-Sawyer College. The celebration began with the announcement the 2012 Staff Employee of the Year, Rachel Parsons, administrative assistant in the Nursing Department.

The Employee of the Year distinguishes the staff member who has made an outstanding contribution to enhance or improve the institution through demonstrated integrity, resourcefulness and teamwork. Twenty-six senior nursing students and 15 junior nursing students appeared in Wheeler Hall to cheer and share Parson's moment with her, a testament to her important contributions to the lives of our nursing and public health students. Parsons is the trusted person, the “face” of the Nursing Department, and she is a coach, cheerleader, advisor and friend to students.

Susan Reeves, associate academic dean for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Partnership Programs, the Gladys A. Burrows Distinguished Professor of Nursing and chair of the Nursing Department, said, “Rachel is our glue; she is our rock, she is the mainframe of our Colby-Sawyer nursing and public health network.”

Parsons also collaborates with the Teaching Enrichment Center, is an advisor to nursing students, and is active in Staff Council. She is involved in her community of Warner, including prior and current service on several boards and committees for the Fall Foliage Festival, Pillsbury Free Library, Warner Historical Society, and the Jim Mitchell Community Park Committee.

Other nominees for the 2012 Staff Employee of the Year were Caren Baldwin-DiMeo, Renee Benoit, Donna Brennan, Ruth Clark, Robin Davis, Henry Doyle, Diane Driscoll, Angela Gosselin, Dick Gosselin, Mike Heffernan, Bonnie Lewis, Angela Maliar, Sue Maurer, Mary McLaughlin, Mickey Michael, Tracey Perkins, Loretta Rayno, Pamela Serota Cote, Peter Steese, Harriette Yazzie-Whitcomb, and Heather Zahn.

Employees recognized for five years of service to Colby-Sawyer were Rock Allard, Heather Astle, Sharon Beaudry, Christine Bieszczad, Andrew Cahoon, Robbie Calvert, Henry Doyle, Malachy Flynn, Kim Giles, Estelle Green, Jim Hanlon, Nancy Powers, Brandy Gibbs-Riley, Greg Matthews, Frederick Moe, Mairim Saavedra, Kate Seamans, Andrew St. Clair, Allison Tibbetts, Sondra VanderPloeg, Stacey Watts and Cally White.

President Galligan celebrated these staff members who have been at Colby-Sawyer for ten years, reminding colleagues of their many contributions to the college and community: Julie Alexander, Wende Bohenko, Beth Cahill, Cheryl Coolidge, Jen Ensign, David Ernster, Tony Galluzzo, Jane Galpin, Karen Gould, Jaimee Hofstetter, Lauri Justice, Andrea Kelley, Tara Lakeman, Glenn Lowe, Alicia Murphy, Pam Payson, Mark Pederson, Jerry Volpe and Lynn Williams.

The 15-year awardees included Katie Betz, administrative assistant, Windy Hill School; Beth Crockford, professor of Business Administration; Josh Pincoske, assistant coach, Men's Basketball and associate athletic director; and Bert Yarborough, associate professor of Fine and Performing Arts. In a moving speech that included comments from several members of the Galligan family, President Galligan thanked Carol Deel, caretaker of the President's House, for her thoughtful and personal care of his family for the past six years, and of the house for the past 15 years. Carpenter Norm Greenwas lauded for making our campus safer, and Bob Morse, director of Facilities noted Norm's passion for the sport of horseshoes. David Sauerwein, vice president and dean of students, recognized Director of Campus Activities and Orientation Sharon Williamson for leading campus activities aligned with the college's mission and her mantra: “I'll show you how, and then you own it.”

Twenty-year honorees included Donna Brennan, Bill Foti, Jon Keenan, Loretta Rayno and Christine Wiest. Donna Brennan, operations coordinator in Campus Safety, was honored by Director of Campus Safety Pete Berthiaume for her devotion to the department and students as well as her commitments to the Women's Initiative and the Clothesline Project. Loretta Rayno, administrative assistant in the Student Learning Collaborative (ADC) and Access Resources, will retire this June and was honored by Caren Baldwin-DiMeo, director of the ADC, for her commitment to students, her warm, welcoming presence, gentle reassurance, and always-popular candy dish.

Janet Bliss, director of the Windy Hill School, praised Chris Wiest, a toddler teacher at Windy Hill School, for her superb rapport with each of her young students, and shared how effectively she motivates and facilitates children's ability to interact with peers in positive, respectful ways. Jon Keenan, professor and chair of the Fine and Performing Arts Department, and Bill Foti, head coach of the Men's Basketball team and associate athletic director were recognized in absentia.

Marge Huston, operations manager in Financial Services, was recognized by Controller Karen Bonewald, who shared Marge's creative passions outside of her quarter-century at the college, and acknowledged how much that office will miss her when she retires this June.

Terri Hermann, administrative assistant for the Business Administration and Exercise and Sport Sciences Departments, was affectionately roasted in a review of her 30 years at Colby-Sawyer by Kristin Tupper, administrative coordinator in Campus Activities, that highlighted her famous sayings and penchant for pranks.

Pat Anderson, professor of Humanities, was honored for 35 years by Associate Professor of Humanities Donna Berghorn, who shared that “in the wonderful legacy of all inspired teachers, many of Pat's students have themselves become educators and writers.” She shared remarks from Rob Peaslee '95, an assistant professor in the College of Mass Communications at Texas Tech University: “Because of Pat Anderson, I went from watching movies to seriously engaging the cinematic arts. His American and International Film courses were two of my favorites at Colby-Sawyer, and I still refer to those experiences as his student when I teach film here.”

Joe Carroll, professor of Social Sciences and Education, was also honored for his 35 years by associate professors of Social Sciences and Education Lynn Garrioch and Kathleen Farrell. “As a mentor, Joe models hard work and passion for engaged learning,” said Professor Farell. “Even after 35 years of teaching, he redesigns his courses to help students learn and to respond to their needs.” Professor Garrioch illustrated how much Joe connects with his students and how much they respect and appreciate him by recalling a graduating psychology senior who said, “Joe, I wish you were my dad; you would be the best dad ever.” Both Professors Anderson and Carroll were recognized for their leadership within their departments and active roles throughout the years in various academic successes.

Nancy Langley, acquisitions assistant in Information Resources, also reached the 35-year mark and though she was not in attendance, was applauded for her devotion to the college.

President Galligan concluded the Celebration of Service with a special thank you for all the work of the college's committed staff and faculty before wishing a Happy Valentine's Day to all.

-Kathleen Karr

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