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'Not Your Normal S.N.A.F.U.' Theater Production at Colby-Sawyer College Features Short Plays by Alumni, Faculty and Students

NEW LONDON, N.H., Oct. 31, 2011 - The Fine and Performing Arts Department at Colby-Sawyer College will present “Not Your Normal S.N.A.F.U.,” a collection of short plays written and directed by alumni, faculty and students.

“Not Your Normal S.N.A.F.U.” will open on Thursday, Nov. 3, and continue on Friday, Nov. 4, and Saturday, Nov. 5, at 7 p.m. in the Sawyer Center Theatre. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for students, and one free ticket is available with a CSC ID. Tickets may be purchased online at or at the Sawyer Center Box Office before the show. For more information contact the box office at (603) 526-3670.

This year's fall theater production, executive-produced by Adjunct Assistant Professor Michael Lovell, marks the sixth year of “S.N.A.F.U.” productions, a tradition begun by retired Theatre Director Jerry Bliss. This year's event shatters all past levels of involvement, with more than 60 college and area community members playing roles in the technical crew, costume-making, sound production, and as actors, writers and directors.

“Web of Destinies,” a story about the overworked fates spinning the fabric of our lives, is written by children's author, Humanities faculty member and International Student Services Director David Elliott and directed by Amy Richard. The cast includes Katelynn Yuon, Katie Courtemanche and Ryan Elizabeth Foley.

“Gary the Singing Coyote,” written and directed by Michael Lovell, is a fable about the hazards of being theatrical. Cast members include Alex Banat, Thomas Buckley, Jay Lambert, Brittney Vincent, Keely Murdock, Melanie Corley and Vigil Yu.

“The Checkup,” a comedy about a medical checkup that goes very wrong, was written by alumnus Will Peters, a Communication Studies graduate and co-maker of the award-winning short film “Motel.” Directed by student Christopher McCarthy, the cast includes Cory Schofield, Rebecca Strout, Christi Wilson, Zach Matson and Giovanna Roy.

“It's Not Safe in There,” a story of safe-cracking and time travel, was written by alumnus Michael Mooney, another Communication Studies graduate and co-maker of the film “Motel.” The play is directed by student Joseph Delaney and performed by Aaron Hodge, Molly Mattern, Meghan Burrows, Dan Moir, Genni Lockerby, Zhou Dong and Kelsey Coceia.

“Ten Minute Play,” defined by its author as a “comic conceptual tragedy," is written by Craig Greenman, associate professor of Humanties, and directed by Mike Lovell, with Kenny Camacho acting in a solo performance.

Gil Kofman, an award-winning filmmaker and screenplay writer, is the author of “Delusions of Wittgenstinian Grandeur,” the tale of a doctor who is preparing for his Nobel Prize acceptance before he actually receives the award. The play is directed by Zelest Caraballo with John Clarke and Leah Hodder-Romano as the cast members.

In “You Can't Take Life Pass Fail,” written by alumnus Andrew Francis, trying to pass through the gates of heaven is much like applying for major acceptance at college. Directed by Kayla Pingree, the cast includes Josh Hardy, Jordan Soutiere, Bonnie Lewis, Linda Lambert and Christine Wertz.

Colby-Sawyer student Charles Moak has written “I'm The Batman,” the story of a father who dies and leaves behind a mystery for his son. Directed by Michael Sapochetti, the play's cast includes Charlie Fryberg, Ian Whippie, Christina Winnett, Briana Hailey and Sudeshana Karki.

In “Autumn Fury,” written by student Aaron Hodge and directed by Katie O'Connor, the drama revolves around a college student whose friends have been eaten by bears. The cast includes Travis Carlson, Joshua Commey and Anurup Upadhyay.

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