As Colby-Sawyer College began its 181st academic year, Colby-Sawyer President Susan D. Stuebner hosted a Celebration of Service to honor faculty and staff members who have reached milestones in their careers at Colby-Sawyer. Collectively, those recognized have served 600 years at the college.

“This institution is everything it is because each of you have shared your talents and your commitment to helping foster our students’ growth,” President Stuebner said at the gathering. “Thank you so very much.”

The Judith Pond Condict ’62 Award for Excellence in Service celebrates a staff member who has made a distinguished contribution to the college and its mission of educating students. This year it was awarded to Director of Citizenship Education Cally White.

White trains community council and administrative hearing student volunteers, and she informs, counsels and coordinates all hearings for students who engage in behavior that may be conduct violations. One nominator wrote, “Cally has a way of connecting deeply with students ... She is able to have honest, poignant, meaningful and developmental conversations with students when they most need it but least want it, and she does it with an ease and grace that is rare. It is a testament to her work and the difference she makes in our students’ lives that even after they leave us, they still reach out to her for advice or letters of reference. It is because Cally knows the real them.”

Five employees celebrated five years at Colby-Sawyer: Mary Kay Huntoon, Dining Services; Steven A. Koerner, Dining Services; Taylor W. Loop, Facilities; Lyndsay G. Ostler, Athletics; Associate Professor Hilary D. Walrod, Fine and Performing Arts.

Celebrating 10 years at Colby-Sawyer were Rock F. Allard, Facilities; Heather Astle, RN, Baird Health Center; Associate Professor Christine Bieszczad, Natural and Environmental Sciences; Assistant Professor Andrew Cahoon, Natural and Environmental Sciences; Henry Doyle, Dining Services; Estelle Green Howe, Dining Services; Jim Hanlon, Information Technology; Kim Novak, Financial Services; Nancy Powers, Housekeeping; Susan Reeves ’88, School of Nursing & Health Professions; Kate Seamans, College Communications; Allison Tibbetts; Dining Services; Sondra VanderPloeg, Library; Associate Professor Stacey Watts, Exercise & Sport Sciences; Cally White, Citizenship Education.

President Stuebner congratulated the following for 15 years of service: Wende Bohenko, Financial Services; Diane Driscoll, Registrar; Jane Galpin, Hogan Sports Center; Karen Gould, Housekeeping; Jaimee Hofstetter, Enrollment Operations; Lauri Smith-Justice, Advancement; Tara Lakeman, Financial Aid; Glenn Lowe, Facilities; Alicia Murphy, Housekeeping; Pam Payson, Athletics.

Three employees celebrated 20 years of service: Professor Beth Crockford, Business Administration; Norm Green, Facilities; Professor Bert Yarborough, Fine and Performing Arts.

Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Peggy A. Stock was president and the college had only been co-ed for two years. Four employees received a college chair in recognition of their quarter century of service: Donna Brennan, Campus Safety; Bill Foti, Athletics; Professor Jon Keenan, Fine and Performing Arts; and Christine Wiest, Windy Hill School.

Terri Herman joined Colby-Sawyer College in 1982. In her 35 years at the college, she has been an administrative assistant to several academic departments.

Two employees reached the 40-year mark: Professor Pat Anderson in the Department of Humanities and Nancy Langley, acquisitions assistant in the library.