Charlie Graffius '22 has been working as a personal trainer and strength coach at Coastal Performance in Brunswick, Maine, since January 2023. Charlie, who graduated with a B.S. in exercise science and was a member of the men’s tennis team, works with athletes and the geriatric population but specializes in working with clients dealing with neurological conditions.

“I believe that my experience living with cerebral palsy gives me a perspective to understand and help these people with neurological conditions,” said Charlie, who talks about living with CP on his podcast, The Movement Fluidity Podcast. “Having compassion for the day-to-day differences with clients' physical and neurological abilities is a very important part of this. Environmental factors, stress and the personal life are a few of the big aspects that need to be taken into consideration.”

Coastal Performance has a connection with Coastal Orthopedics, where physical therapists and medical doctors work under the same roof, so it has provided an outstanding opportunity for Charlie to learn from professionals in different fields. This model of working as a cohesive unit has also enhanced his understanding of how to treat patients along the entire spectrum, from post-surgery to athletic performance. Charlie will leave his position in August to begin a master’s degree program in motor learning and motor control at Columbia University in New York.

The most recent outcomes report from the Harrington Center for Experiential Learning indicates that, like Charlie, 100% of the Class of 2022 is employed or in graduate school. Read more about the report here.