One hundred percent of Colby-Sawyer College students complete an internship as part of their undergraduate program, which gives them valuable professional experience to take with them into their job search. For many students—more than 60%, in fact—the internship also brings them a job offer from their internship site.

Julia “Dottie” Lanctot ’21 G’22 is a graduate whose internship led to a full-time position: She recently became an assistant brand manager at Stonyfield Yogurt, where she completed an internship as an undergraduate. Dottie earned her B.S. in business administration in 2021 and continued into Colby-Sawyer’s fifth-year M.B.A. program, receiving her graduate degree this past spring. Dottie spent the summer between her sophomore and junior years as a human resources intern at Stonyfield, where she was introduced to various aspects of the company’s operations. As an assistant brand manager, Dottie will be responsible for the “Brown Cow” product line.

Although the role is considered entry level, Dottie’s advanced degree means that she’ll be starting out at the higher end of the possible salary range for her position, and she sees a clear path for a future career with the company. “It’s so important as a new grad to go into a company where you can advance,” Dottie said, “because it's a huge part of motivating yourself and proving yourself.”

Dottie also finds the ethos of the company appealing. For her, one of the most attractive qualities of her new employer is its commitment to sustainable development. Stonyfield is a certified B-Corp, which means it adheres to a strict set of guidelines governing environmental and social impact. Dottie believes that Stonyfield also exemplifies a commitment to community, fair labor practices and encouragement of work-life balance, all of which contribute to making Stonyfield her “dream company.”

For current and future Colby-Sawyer students, Dottie offers this guidance: “My advice to someone looking for an internship is to be passionate about what the company’s mission, because you'll be so much more invested in what you're doing there.” Dottie assumed her new role with Stonyfield in June.