Outcomes Report Reveals High Rate of Employment, Graduate Study for Colby-Sawyer Class of 2022

The Colby-Sawyer College annual report of graduate outcome data released in April by the Harrington Center for Career Development revealed that members of the Colby-Sawyer Class of 2022 at both the undergraduate and graduate level are experiencing high rates of employment in their chosen fields.

The report draws data from survey responses collected between November 2022 and March 2023 as well as information gathered through LinkedIn and similar professional social media sites. In all, information was gathered for 71% of undergraduate alumni and 65% of graduate alumni from the Class of 2022.

Of that population, 100% of undergraduate alumni were either employed or enrolled in graduate school. Of those employed, 98% were working in an industry directly or somewhat directly related to their major. One hundred percent of graduate alumni respondents were employed in an industry related to their major.

“We are excited to see that our job and graduate school attendance combined rate is as high as it has ever been with this graduating class,” Colby-Sawyer Director of Career Development Jennifer Tockman said. “And the connection to jobs secured in our alumni’s fields of interest continues to grow with a huge jump this year from 74% related jobs last year to 97% related jobs this past year.”

The benefits of Colby-Sawyer’s required internships, clinicals and field experience programs were evident in the employment patterns. Of undergraduate alumni, 61% were offered a job from their experiential learning site. Fourteen percent were working at that site. Of graduate alumni, 88% were offered employment from their experiential learning site, and 11% were working there.

“The college’s relationship with Dartmouth Health has been a huge contributor to that employment rate,” Tockman said. She pointed out that of those employed, 35% of those from undergraduate programs and 19% of those from graduate programs were working at a Dartmouth Health site.

Tockman predicts that this trend will continue and cites results from a National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) that indicated that more than half of responding employers plan to increase intern hiring this year and one-third expect to hire at the same levels as last year.

“This is good news for future classes in making more possible transitions from internship to job opportunities possible in the following years,” Tockman said.

In addition to those who were employed, 15 undergraduate alumni from the Class of 2022 were enrolled in graduate school, pursuing master’s degrees in genetic counseling, business administration, clinical mental health counseling, exercise science, special education and strategic communication with a sports track; a graduate certificate in paralegal studies; teaching certification; a law degree; or a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Two were enrolled in Colby-Sawyer’s MBA program.