Prepare with Hands-On Research

Senior year is an exciting time for a Colby-Sawyer nursing student. It’s when you are immersed in clinical research experiences that prepare you in all aspects of professional nursing. You’ll work side-by-side with faculty, nurse mentors and other students to research topics that are significant to you as a student – and as a future nurse.

Nursing Leadership Capstone

The Nursing Leadership Capstone is a full-year research opportunity that addresses a health care issue of your choice. Research how best to provide, manage and coordinate care for individuals, families and communities. Investigate health promotion, prevention and optimal health maintenance. Assess, plan and collaborate with mentors on care and interventions using community health indicators. No matter your topic, you’ll participate in weekly clinical seminars that allow you to learn from the experiences of your peers and share your research with students, faculty and community mentors during your final Capstone presentation.

Clinical Capstone

During your semester-long Clinical Capstone preceptorship, you will provide and coordinate complex, restorative hospital-based nursing care to acutely ill individuals and their families under the guidance of a clinical-site mentor and Colby-Sawyer nursing faculty. You will learn how to provide safe, effective care while you explore professional issues and responsibilities that strengthen your administrative nursing skills in areas including the management of nursing care, nursing leadership, role development and career management. Weekly clinical seminars provide you opportunities for analysis and evaluation of therapeutic nursing interventions and the professional role of nurses.