Burpee Hall

Burpee Hall is alive with music and energetic social interaction. Just inside the entrance is a lounge with cable TV. From art majors to athletes, everyone has their door open - when the studying is done, there's always a neighbor with whom to chat. Burpee houses returning students.


The ground floor is all female, the first floor is half male and half female, and the second and third floors are mixed gender by room. The hall is located right on the quad with easy access to Colgate Hall, Ware Student Center and the Hogan Sports Center. Right in front of the hall is a seasonal volleyball court.

Burpee Hall Floor Plan


Burpee is staffed by an Area Coordinator who lives in Rooke and four Resident Assistants.


Perley Burpee, a shoemaker and farmer who married Judith Colby, sister of Governor Anthony Colby, was among the 11 men who procured the original charter for Colby Academy in 1837. The home he built in 1816 still stands on Main Street, one block east of the campus. His grandchildren, Wilfred E. Burpee, Class of 1882, and Mary Burpee Macomber, Class of 1885, served as trustees from 1907-1948 and from 1905-1952, respectively. Erected wing by wing over three years, Burpee Hall housed the library collection until 1949.