McKean Hall

As our smallest residence hall, McKean Hall provides an environment conducive to building strong friendships and a close community. McKean Hall houses first year students.


The ground floor is mixed gender by room. The first and third floors are all female and the second floor is all male. There is a lounge on the first floor; a common kitchen and laundry facilities are on the ground floor. McKean Hall is located on “The Loop” between Colgate Hall (classes and administration), and Colby Hall (also houses first year students), with easy access to the Quad.

McKean Hall Floor Plan


McKean Hall is under the direction of an Area Coordinator who lives in Best Hall. One Resident Assistant lives in McKean Hall.


After serving for several years as a Substance Free housing alternative, McKean was then used to house the Nursing Department. McKean returned to use as student housing in Fall 2020 and we are pleased to have this charming residence hall available once again for students who enjoy a more close-knit living environment.