Residence Halls

Living on campus is an important part of the Colby-Sawyer College experience, and all full-time undergraduate students whose families are not local live on campus. The residence halls are alive with activity and are places where students find friends and build communities.

Best Hall

Best is a traditional corridor-style residence hall that features large rooms with big closets. Students enjoy a spacious lounge by the entrance for socializing and studying.

Lawson Hall

Lawson is a suite-style residence in which students live in single and double rooms clustered common living space shared by 10-12 people. Lawson is a large hall with a small-hall feel.

Abbey Hall

A classic hall with wood floors and moulding, Abbey provides a comfortable environment for students who identify as female.

Burpee Hall

A larger corridor-style hall, Burpee provides a variety of options for students to live in singles, doubles, triples and quads.

College Houses

The college houses — London, Red, Grey, White and Yellow — offer independent apartment living for returning students. The five houses are on the periphery of campus and house students in apartments of two, three, four and five.

Danforth Hall

A gender-neutral hall, Danforth offers views of the wetlands, surrounding mountains and Mercer Field.

McKean Hall

Our smallest residence hall, McKean Hall provides an environment conducive to building strong friendships and a close community.

Rooke Hall

Rooke offers apartment-style housing. Students live in singles and doubles in apartments of four or five people. Each apartment has a living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Shepard Hall

Shepard is a classic hall with a community feel. Students live in singles, doubles and triples.

Colby Hall

A classic hall with wood floors and moulding, Colby houses graduate students. Most live in single rooms, though a limited number of gender-neutral doubles are available.

Colby Homestead

A small community with a great deal of shared common space, the Homestead houses 8-10 students.