Rooke Hall

If you're ready, Rooke allows for a gentle transition from college housing to independent living. Residents live in apartment-style units of four or five students. Each apartment has a living room, dining area, bathroom and kitchen. While students must have a meal plan, they have the freedom to cook for themselves. Our upper-class students really enjoy life in Rooke with the challenges and opportunities it offers.


Rooke Hall houses returning students in single-sex and mixed-gender apartments of four or five residents. Every apartment has single and double bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen area.

Rooke Hall Floor Plan


Rooke is staffed by an Area Coordinator and two Resident Assistants.


Rooke Hall was named for Robert Levi Rooke, whose generous bequest provided resources for its construction. He was the father-in-law of former trustee Natalie Davis Rooke '48 and Anastasia Payne Rooke '50, and a grandfather of Marianne Rooke Fairall '73.