School of Arts & Sciences

Colby-Sawyer's School of Arts and Sciences is committed to engaging students in firsthand inquiry and analysis. Through this experiential learning, students become skilled collaborators, communicators, and thinkers. They work directly with ideas, communities, and places as they cultivate broad knowledge and transferable skill sets – whether in majors, minors, or courses in the Liberal Education Program.

Adjunct Faculty
  • Christopher Audino
  • Caren Balwin-DiMeo
  • Alicia Bergeron
  • Wally Borgen
  • Karen Brook
  • Kimberly Burwick
  • Matthew Clemens
  • Nick Fletcher
  • Min Godley
  • Kevin Goodan
  • Rebecca Harned
  • Doug Harp
  • Lisa Hayward
  • Thomas Kealy
  • Beth Krajewski
  • Chris LaBarbera
  • Michael Lovell
  • Jess Phelps
  • Mary Ann Powers
  • Gary Robinson
  • Nancy Sepe
  • Jennifer Tockman
  • Laura Young