Internships & Careers

Stand Out

You’ve taken ownership of your college experience by developing your own distinct academic blueprint within the self-designed major. Not only have you studied what matters most to you, you’ve also explored how various disciplines can inform your understanding of complex issues within your individual field of study. This approach to education makes you stand out and shows employers that you are a creative, self-motivated thinker who can easily adapt in a world of rapidly changing skill requirements.

Internships Give You a Head Start

Two required internships allow you to explore multiple career options as you develop your skills, enhance your resume, network with professionals and get a head start in the job market.

Graduate Career Ready

You have combined hands-on coursework in your self-designed area of study with classes across the curriculum. It’s time to take your interests, experience and knowledge out into the world to find the career path that matches your passion for learning.

Continue Your Education

Transition easily to graduate-level counseling, teacher certification or law school programs through Colby-Sawyer’s partnerships with Upper Valley Educators Institute, Plymouth State University, Springfield College and Vermont Law School.