Tim Bradley ’05 grew up in Western Massachusetts and has long been inspired by the region’s natural beauty and cultural richness. His 2015 short documentary “The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow” serves as a sort of love letter to his childhood home. Chronicling five singer-songwriters who come together in a collaborative band, the film overflows with haunting performances set in the rustic wilderness and has garnered much acclaim at film festivals across the country.

A communications major, Bradley has built a successful career in the world of corporate video. After cutting his teeth as a freelance videographer for ski resorts and action sports athletes, for the past five years he has overseen video services for Matter Communications, a public relations and social media agency based in Newburyport, Mass.

As fulfilling as he found his work, Bradley’s desire to make something more personal persisted. That desire was kicked into action after he worked on the documentary “100: Head/ Heart/Feet” by Mike Mooney ’02 and Will Peters ’06. Inspired by the duo’s dedication and work flow, Bradley set out to make his own documentary, “The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow.”

“One of the band mates is a childhood friend,” Bradley said, explaining how the project gelled. The five musicians played together during a four-night string of shows, performing each other’s songs collectively, and Bradley shot what he dubs “pseudo music videos” as well as interview footage. The film was accepted to 17 of 35 festivals Bradley submitted it to, which is, as he is quick to point out, an exceptional success rate. Ultimately, the film won five Best Short Documentary awards.

“I attribute a lot of what I know to Don Coonley,” said Bradley, invoking the late communications professor who mentored so many budding filmmakers over the years. Bradley hasn’t decided what his next project will be. “You can’t force the subject,” he said.

“The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow” can be viewed at thewhiskey­treaty.com.