At first glance, athletics and nursing may seem to have little in common. However, faculty and students will say many of the skills developed through athletics are valuable attributes for a successful nursing career. The development of leadership skills, self-discipline, attention to detail, time management, and team and collaborative behaviors are probably only a few of many similarities. These scholar-athletes have learned to handle a demanding training schedule for their sport and apply the same dedication to their coursework.

Joan G. Loftus, DNP, RN
Associate Professor, School of Nursing & Health Sciences

Bryce Capunitan ’21 on the soccer field

“Balancing academics with athletics is all about having a structured schedule and a daily planner. Also drinking lots of caffeine — if you didn’t like coffee before, you will now!”

Bryce Capunitan ’21
Nursing + Soccer

Kristian Viljanen ’22 on the baseball field

“As a nursing major and student-athlete I get the best of both worlds. Balancing academics and athletics can be difficult, but I plan my weeks and take advantage of study sessions. I also play club hockey, so I’m constantly on the go, which makes planning and studying that much more important.”

Kristian Viljanen ’22
Nursing + Baseball

“There have been a lot of lessons I’ve learned in the classroom, as well as on the field. Staying active helps me focus, prepare for changes on the fly, and manage my time well … because you don’t realize how fast these days go by.”

Samantha “Sam” Mitchell ’20
Nursing + Soccer

Dorthea “Thea” Alberti ’23 on the soccer field

“Playing a sport in college is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The faculty and my coaches support me in every way possible — from extending an assignment to having an early morning practice so I don’t miss any classes.”

Dorthea “Thea” Alberti ’23
Nursing + Soccer

Cross Country students on the trail

“As a nursing major, I know that at the end of my college career I’ll be able to help people — and as a student-athlete, I enjoy competing and feeling like I am constantly improving.“

Spenser McClary ’22
Nursing + Cross Country and Track & Field

“I appreciate all the professors and coaches who have eased the balancing act between academics and athletics. Academics comes first, and I’m given alternate practice times when school commitments arise.”

Ben Jones ’20
Nursing + Cross Country and Track & Field

Swimming and diving students in the pool

“As a student-athlete, I get to do everything I love! Being a part of the team gives me a break from studying and gives me a chance to refocus my energy so that I can be productive when it comes to academics.”

Jinnae Jang ’21
Nursing + Swimming & Diving

“As captain, I have to give more time than the normal swimmer, but staying busy keeps me on top of my work. It gives me chances to be a leader, friend, and a stronger, better person. It also helps me take things one day at a time, reduces my stress and gets me excited for every second in front of me.”

Garret Scahill ’21
Nursing + Swimming & Diving

Volleyball students on the court

“I’m fortunate enough to have other nursing students on my team who are also some of my best friends. Making memories with them as a team, while also being on an academic journey with them, is rewarding.”

Marielle “Ellie” Dupre ’21
Nursing + Women’s Volleyball

“Being a student-athlete requires time management and organization, two important skills that will help me succeed in my future nursing practice.”

Morgan Flynn ’20
Nursing + Women’s Volleyball

“As an athlete, I’m able to make connections with people outside my major by sharing a common interest in a sport.”

Nicole Matcheski ’21
Nursing + Women’s Volleyball