Foundational Commitments

As an institution, Colby-Sawyer is committed to the foundational commitments of financial stability, social justice, ecological balance, and personal well-being. These commitments inform and permeate our mission, shared values, our programs, our promises to our students, and our priorities. They are reflected in the values our faculty, staff, students, and alumni hold as well as in the way our community approaches how we deliver our educational programs.

Personal Well-Being

At the very heart of Colby-Sawyer are our students, faculty, and staff and at the center of it all are happy, resilient, and healthy human beings. We mindfully create conditions on campus and within our communities where every individual can develop a sense of purpose, discover their potential to build a better world, and thrive—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Financial Stability

Upholding our economic strength as an institution provides us with practical means to embody our mission and keep our promises to our students. This encompasses wise use of resources, avoiding unnecessary waste and consumption, and buying from and investing in companies that reflect our values. We support our students and employees in the pursuit of their vocation, as they become productive career professionals and responsible global citizens.

Social Justice

The college is committed to embodying and promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality in all its forms on campus and beyond. We raise awareness and take action to ensure all members of our local and global communities can feel welcome, have a sense of belonging, and experience high quality of life. We recognize that issues such as racial justice and ecological justice are deeply intertwined, and we balance individual freedom of expression with respect for the common good.

Ecological Balance

Through our policies, practices, and educational offerings we contribute to sustainable and resilient human and environmental systems—within which we are embedded and upon which we all rely for both our enjoyment and survival. We are committed to mitigating our contribution to climate change, promoting biodiversity, reducing waste and pollution, and conserving and protecting natural resources.

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