Strategic Goals

To achieve these promises, we will focus on the following strategic goals and corresponding measures. Unless otherwise noted, the timeline to achieve these goals is by 2022-23. Each division and department at the college will annually identify and map their top priorities to the strategic goals. While there are other measures that certainly would assist us in achieving our three strategic promises to students, we believe the outcomes listed below reflect the highest priorities.

  • Recruit and retain students from diverse backgrounds who can excel at Colby-Sawyer
  • Improve student outcomes
  • Attract and retain talented faculty and staff who share the institution's values and reflect diverse backgrounds and talents
  • Establish and enhance financial stability
  • Deliver a dynamic curriculum that exposes students to a range of disciplines as well as equips them with essential skills
  • Provide a range of leadership and engagement opportunities to students
  • Embed a whole-systems sustainability approach across the institution
  • Strengthen and create new partnerships with the Town of New London, the region, and employers
  • Build a culture of high performance