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Currents: echoes on the hill

Who Will Get Your Vote?

Though the election is still a year away, New Hampshire's presidential primary is coming soon and the candidates are already gearing up for it, making campaign stops, shooting commercials, and debating with their competitors. As college students have a large stake in the presidential election, Currents asked students and other members of the Colby-Sawyer community which candidates have attracted their attention and why.

Aric Lantiegne ’11: “Fred Thompson, because he just seems like the best candidate at this point and I really don't like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.”

Chad Edwards ’11: “Anybody but Clinton or Obama.”

Maryann Allen, Professor of Natural Sciences: “I am waffling between Hillary and Barack Obama. I like both of them. I like that they are other than white male, which is what we have always had. They would hopefully take the country in a different direction, which is something I think we desperately need at this point.”

Julie Crisafi, Resident Director: “Obama is pretty much who I like right now. I think he brings a new face to politics, he has new ideas.”

Evan Campbell ’10: “McCain or Rudy Giuliani because I'm a Republican and support the foundations of the GOP.”

Max Johanson ’10:  “Giuliani, because I like what he stands for.”

Eric McLaren ’11: “I have no idea; I haven't really looked at anyone yet.”

Lynn Churchill, Dining Services: “John Edwards, because I like his policies. I like his plans for insurance for all people.”

Julie Morrissey ’11: “Hillary Clinton - it's very brave of her to be the first woman to run for president. I think she has really good views, plus her husband is Bill and he was a good president. ”

Vinny Vilardi ’10: “Rudy Giuliani, because he was the mayor of New York and did a good job running the city. He seems like a good person, and he could be a good president and will help with the war. He would do better than George W. Bush.”

-Amber Cronin '11