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Currents: echoes on the hill

A Colby-Sawyer Summer

Most students leave Colby-Sawyer in the spring just as the daffodils and promises of warm days emerge. Far from being deserted after their departure, though, the campus is busy with the Hogan Day Camp, the Gordon Research Conference, and faculty and staff planning for the year ahead. Here are a few thoughts on what's great about a Colby-Sawyer summer.

Laura Alexander, assistant professor of Natural Sciences: “I wish students could see the campus during the summer because it’s even more beautiful than during the school year. When our students leave things haven’t quite bloomed yet, and as soon as they come back, all the leaves fall off.”

Amanda Lambert ’08, a Community and Environmental Studies major from Bethlehem, N.H.: “It’s very quiet and I get even more one-on-one time with the professors. I’m working in the water lab this summer, testing the water quality of surrounding lakes to make sure they’re safe for swimming with the acid rain issue. If I need something from a professor I can go and they help me right then. I think I’ve seen all of my professors on campus this summer. It’s nice!”

Scott Slocum, employee of Marvin Windows in Keene, N.H.: “We started installing new windows on campus last year and we’re almost done. This is a beautiful college and I love the old buildings, but putting in all these new windows will be a big heat-saver next winter. What’s my favorite part of campus? I really enjoy eating at the dining hall; it has good food.”

Ben Reeder, assistant director of Admissions: “One thing I really like about Colby-Sawyer in the summer would be all the Adirondack chairs that appear in the spring. It’s great to find one and have lunch outside instead of eating in your office like I do during the school year.”

Beth Renzulli, assistant director of student Financial Services: “Well, Ben already said one of my favorite things, which is sitting in the Adirondack chairs without snow.  But besides that, families call all day with questions about their financial aid packages and I – all of us here in Financial Services – really enjoy helping them get ready for when their son or daughter comes to Colby-Sawyer in the fall.”

Doug Lyon, treasurer:  “The best thing about summer here? There’s time to play golf. The candy drawer is good all year round.”

The Candy Drawer, Financial Services: “I don’t like summer, I get gooey with all these new heat-retaining windows. Plus, I don’t have a summer wardrobe, my wrappers stay the same no matter the season.  But people love me anyway, they say I’m sweet. I miss the students, I hope they come back soon. See, I am sweet!”

Todd Quest, systems/database coordinator in Information Resources: “There’s more parking than during the school year, that’s nice. But really, I like all the projects that we do in IR. We just finished updating databases with new features and functions. I like improving things and there’s more time for that over the summer.”

Teresa Gallagher, Dining Services: “My favorite part of summer is the Gordon Research Conference and meeting scientists from around the world. Today we talked to people from Spain, Japan, Italy, England …”

Jude Shedd, Dining Services: “We kind of travel around the world right here in the dining hall. And some people come back year after year, they say, ‘Jude, you’re still here!’  It’s nice to be remembered.”

Emma, Hogan Day Camper: “I like to play outside, especially Kick the Can and soccer.”

Hunter, Hogan Day Camper: “My favorite thing is going to the gym and playing ‘basketball-ey.’”

Sherri A., Gordon Research Conference attendee: “Colby-Sawyer is a great setting for a conference. This is a really nice place to come and get away from the city [of Philadelphia].”

Rebecca Bense, office manager of Dining Services: “I don’t really like the summer here that much because I miss the students.  This is the time of year I have the least job satisfaction because the students aren’t around.”