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Currents: leposter by lepore

Solo Exhibition 'LePoster' Features 174 Event Posters by Graphic Designer Michael Lepore

Senior Graphic Design student Michael Lepore will showcase his work in an upcoming exhibition on the second floor of Reichhold. Opening on the evening of Tuesday, March 13, from 5 to 6 p.m., the show contains a total of 174 posters formerly used as advertisements for campus events. Titled “Leposter,” the exhibit will be in place until Friday, March 23.

Lepore, who serves as the president of the campus graphic design club, Grid, finds no shortage of work, designing posters for both the Campus Activities Board and Student Development Office as a work study. Additionally, he works as a volunteer designer, producing advertisements for a range of campus clubs and organizations, including Grid, the Cultural Events Committee and the Class of 2012.

Lepore explains his interest in the field of design as stemming from a lifelong attraction to art, solidified by his experience with the arts program and commercial arts classes of his high school in Salem, N.H. Now, having completed an internship with the Crop Marks Design Studio in Concord, he nears graduation with an eagerness to apply his skills in the professional world.

“I am always looking to develop as a designer and work often to gain experience doing different projects,” Lepore explains. “I am always looking for new inspiration and try to use a variety of styles and techniques in my works to fit the situation.”

The exhibition, considering its size and scope of nearly four years of design, will surely demonstrate such diversity in style.

Having already been represented in the past three Juried Student Art Exhibitions, the recent collaborative exhibition between GOAT and the Wesson Honors Program, and anticipating the Senior Art Exhibition this spring, Lepore finds himself familiar with showcasing his work. “Leposter,” however, will be his first solo endeavor.

As a member of the Wesson Honors Program, Lepore will fulfill his Honors Capstone requirement with the exhibition. Beyond this, he feels the show will serve a variety of purposes. He explains that, despite the commercial nature of his work, the exhibition serves as “a way to take this work out of the advertising context and get it viewed as a design.” Along with this, Lepore believes the show provides a retrospective of the campus events of the past.

-David Hart '13

David Hart is a student writer in College Communications for Colby-Sawyer College.