community-based projects

2012 Project…

Students worked on conducting a comprehensive inventory of the food system in the Kearsarge Region in New Hampshire.The aim of this project was to determine the status of the system and provide KAEL with recommendations on how to make the area more self-reliant, as well as to provide opportunities for farmers to collaborate with one another.

The third-year project is the defining characteristic of the Environmental Studies and Environmental Science majors. In addition to traditional classroom and laboratory exercises, students are immersed in an in-depth, year-long analysis of a local environmental problem or issue that requires detailed field work and extended site visits.

In the process of understanding and addressing local environmental issues, students learn to work as a team in conducting research and field work. In the course of two semesters, students develop essential research and presentation skills and learn to collaborate successfully with members of community organizations and local officials. In past years, students' projects and their research results have become valuable resources and tools that assist organizations in protecting and educating community members about their most important environmental assets.

Project Archive

2016 Project: Colby-Sawyer College Landscape Management Research

In the 2015-16 Community-Based Research Project, students are addressing this by working with Colby-Sawyer to develop a landscape management plan. A landscape management plan is a document that outlines goals and steps for the strategic long-term management of a property.

2014 Project: Energy Descent Action Plan for the Kearsarge Valley Transition Initiative

Students strengthened the infrastructure of the Kearsarge Valley Transition Initiative and authored a draft of an Energy Descent Action Plan to provide a long-term roadmap to community resilience.

2013 Project: Kearsarge Valley Transition Town & Happiness Initiative

Students created the infrastructure for a Transition Town Initiative in the Kearsarge Valley and conducted a Happiness Survey on campus and in surrounding communities.

2012 Project: Kearsarge Region Food System Analysis

Students worked on conducting a comprehensive inventory of the food system in the Kearsarge Region in New Hampshire.

2010 Project: Natural Resources Inventory and Co-Occurence Mapping for New London

Students worked with the New London's Conservation Commission to develop a Natural Resource Inventory.

2009 Project: Sustainability Action Plan for Colby-Sawyer College

Students revisited the GreenROUTES project with a focus on the American College and University Presidents' Climate Change Commitment.

2008 Project: Comprehensive Lake Inventory of Blaisdell Lake

Students worked with the Blaisdell Lake Protective Association to complete a Comprehensive Lake Inventory.

2007 Project: Redirecting Our Campus Towards Environmental Sustainability

Students completed the first campus sustainability assessment for Colby-Sawyer College.

2006 Project: Pleasant Lake Watershed Portfolio

Students worked with the Pleasant Lake Protective Association to complete a Comprehensive Lake Inventory.

2005 Project: Conservation Priorities in the Kearsarge/Sunapee Region

Students worked on a regional land conservation project in cooperation with the Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust.

2004 Project: Lake Sunapee Watershed Portfolio

Students worked to complete a comprehensive lake inventory and watershed investigation for the Lake Sunapee Watershed.

2003 Project: John Hay National Wildlife Refuge Master Plan and Inventory

Students worked with Friends of the John Hay National Wildlife Refuge to develope a master plan and natural resources inventory.

2002 Project: Columbus Avenue Project

Students worked with New London's Conservation Commission and the Lake Sunapee Protective Association in developing a management plan for controlling non-point source pollution in Lake Sunapee.