Nishchal Banskota '15 Brings Nepali Tea Collective to The Stable

Nishchal Banskota ’15 may have exchanged New London for the bright lights of New York City, but he’s still making an impact at Colby-Sawyer College. Tea produced by Banskota’s company, the Nepal Tea Collective, featured in the fall 2023 issue of Colby-Sawyer Magazine, is now being offered for sale at the Colby-Sawyer College store, The Stable.

This collaborative effort has been a long time in the making — Banskota first launched his business out of a booth at the college’s 2016 Commencement ceremony, just one year after his own graduation. This was no accident.

“When contemplating the launch of my business,” he said, “I knew instinctively that my community and family at CSC were the perfect niche to test my products and kickstart my entrepreneurial journey.”

Reflecting on the pivotal role Colby-Sawyer College played in his entrepreneurial journey, Banskota said, “CSC generously provided me with a booth space to showcase and sell my teas during the Commencement ceremony, which proved to be a tremendous success.”

The support didn't end there. Colby-Sawyer continues to champion his products, featuring them prominently in the college store and promoting his work through various channels.

"This support is both humbling and a testament to the genuine interest the college holds in the success of its students, even beyond their college years," Banskota added.

Malaika Sidmore, manager of The Stable, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the impact of community support on developing businesses.

“I have been sampling the teas, and they are delicious!” she said. “What I love most about them is that you can scan the QR code and learn more about the land that particular tea was grown on and the people who made the tea that it is in my teacup. That's a super cool feature!”

Now, as boxes from the Nepal Tea Collective grace the shelves of the college store, each tells a story of dedication, passion and community support. Each bag is more than just an ingredient for a beverage; it’s also the embodiment of a journey — from the land where it's grown to the hands that harvest it, all the way to the cups of students and faculty, connecting them to an individual farmer and supporting their livelihood with every sip.

Four varieties of tea from the Nepal Tea Collective, organic chai, organic green tea, organic black tea and caffeine-free organic chai, are currently available for purchase at The Stable or from their online store for $14.99 a box.