President Stuebner Interviewed on Higher Ed Podcast

Colby-Sawyer President Susan D. Stuebner recently sat down with J. P. Novin and Brad Johnson of the higher education podcast produced by the Plexuss Network, an education technology company based in Walnut Creek, California. The conversation touched on Colby-Sawyer’s almost 200-year history, how the college’s history has been shaped by economic, social and demographic changes, and the guiding principles of community, diversity and sustainability that have endured in the midst of these transformations.

Stuebner also discussed the people and experiences that have personally influenced her during her journey from a Dartmouth College undergraduate to a doctoral student at Harvard and finally to President of Colby-Sawyer College. She went on to talk in detail about her thoughts on the future of higher education, Colby-Sawyer’s reaction to the demands of an evolving job market, and the various initiatives that Colby-Sawyer is focusing on to increase its financial and environmental resilience.