Student Government Association

Do you want to be heard on this campus? Do you want to make a difference? The Student Government Association (SGA) is the primary vehicle for all students at Colby-Sawyer to get involved with the governance of the College. Every enrolled student is welcome to participate in the SGA.

Twenty-four elected and appointed student senators comprise the SGA plus four members of the Executive Board SGA actively engage in policy and oversight on the following three standing committees as well as many others:

  • Clubs and Organizations Committee
  • Media Committee
  • Issues Committee

The Clubs and Organization committee, chaired by the Treasurer, allocates the monies available for student activities to recognized clubs and organizations. The Secretary is responsible for SGA media, and the Vice President works to have SGA address any issues on campus. SGA also appoints student representatives to multiple faculty and staff committees.

SGA Meetings are open to the Entire College Community and posted on the campus calendar.

The Student Government Association Constitution and more information is available on Instagram at colbysawyer.sga. Internally go to the SGA website.

SGA sponsored the Colby-Sawyer College mobile app. Go to the App store and load Colby-Sawyer College App to keep up to date. The Advisor to the SGA is administered through the Dean of Students’ office.