Colby-Sawyer College Tuition Reset

On Sept. 7, Colby-Sawyer College announced a new, lower tuition of $17,500 for all undergraduate students beginning in fall 2023, aligning the posted tuition with the net cost that most students actually pay after financial aid is factored in. Interim Vice President of Financial Aid and Admissions and Vice President for College Advancement Dan Parish answered a few questions regarding the tuition reset and what it means for admissions and Colby-Sawyer moving forward.

  1. Why is Colby-Sawyer resetting its tuition?
    “The cost of higher education has become confusing and untenable. In the past, most prospective students and families did not understand what our price meant, and our high tuition was preventing many from considering us during the admissions process. We are trying to be clearer and more transparent about what families actually pay when students enroll at Colby-Sawyer.”
  2. Why now?
    “This is the perfect time for us to approach this reset. We have had two record breaking fundraising years, our partnership at Dartmouth Health is thriving and we are breaking ground on two new buildings. We are well positioned for this and are confident that it will have a positive impact.”
  3. What does this mean for the future of Colby-Sawyer?
    “Announcing a new approach to tuition in such a competitive admissions market means that students and families who never looked at us before will consider visiting and applying to the college. This change will allow us to continue to offer and strengthen our tradition of a high-quality undergraduate, residential experience.”