Lady Jane

Jane “Lady Jane” Galpin, front desk coordinator at the Dan and Kathleen Hogan Sports Center, has worked at Colby-Sawyer College for 18 years. She grew up in Goshen, where she still lives, and first heard about an opening at Hogan from her friend Margaret (now retired). Lady Jane has stuck around ever since.

She worked at the top of Mount Sunapee for a few winters and even spent some time employed at the dining hall, but she never left the Hogan Sports Center. Her duties include collecting money, taking the gymnasium dividers and basketball hoops up and down, training new front desk workers, sanitizing every two to three hours, taking people’s temperatures and asking the daily health questions. But her favorite part is talking to people. “The people are friendly. They’re not squabbling, or if they are I just don’t see it,” she says. She adds that her bosses, Director Lisa Lacombe and Assistant Director Ed Winters, are wonderful to work with.

Lady Jane’s weekend falls on Tuesday and Wednesday, and she likes to spend her free time crocheting, crafting masks and making pot scrubbers, the latter of which she’s received a few orders for. Campus Safety Officer Willie Bacote has an order of almost two dozen to give as Christmas presents. She doesn’t have any pets of her own, but Lady Jane does enjoy pet sitting dogs, cats, and occasionally, chickens. Where does the nickname “Lady Jane” come from? When she first started at Hogan, they didn’t have name plates for the front desk workers. Jane was new and not yet as well-known as the other established staff members, until one of the water aerobics teachers gave her a nickname. “So one day I came in and I was Lady Jane.”