For the Love of Dance

Dance Club is an extremely popular organization on campus with several dozen members that join each year. The number grows every year, and the joy of dance brings the campus community together.

Dance Club allows students to express themselves through dance. It is an inclusive club that allows anyone to join and express their love for the art of dance. No matter the experience level, there is a spot for everyone in the club. There are two shows per school year — one in the spring and one in the fall. Students in the club choreograph the dances in all different genres, from jazz to hip hop. In addition to the student choreographers, there are students who help through the stagecraft class doing the lighting for the dance shows. There are also club officers that help organize the shows, run the club meetings and make sure that all the people in the club have fun.

There are six officer positions that run the dance club. Those are president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, tech liaison and costume liaison. The current officers of the 2021-22 Dance Club are President Sierra Rossi ‘23, Vice President Delaney Campisano ‘23, Secretary Mary Steward ‘23, Treasurer Hope Higgins ‘23, Tech Liaison Brenna Tobin ‘23 and Costume Liaison Amira Eid ‘22. Elections are held when an officer or officers are graduating. The new costume liaison for 2022-23 is Jenna CaraDonna ’23. The officers also coordinate with the club advisor to make sure that the club has all the necessary items to make it run smoothly.

The current Dance Club advisor is Michael Brown. Brown has been the advisor since fall of 2017, having been recruited by the seniors of the class of 2018 after the previous advisor had left the college. He had thought that there was an advisor already chosen. In the summer of that year, he got an email from the president at the time saying that they needed one and they talked it through, which lead to him being the current advisor.

Brown majored in theatre at Franklin Pierce University and graduated in 2012. He had been doing theatre since he was 4 years old. He even attended Biennale Danza Festival in Lyon, France, in his junior year of college. He started a tradition where he brings roses to all the shows. He said, “Whenever I was in a show, my mother always got me roses, and I know in college that was something that I sort of missed, so I would buy myself a bouquet of roses and let my mom know, ‘Hey you bought me flowers today.’” He said, “Everyone deserves a flower for a performance.” With 23 numbers by 15 choreographers, this semester's show took place on April 2 and 3 in Sawyer Theater. It accumulated two months of hard work and determination into two nights of dancing fun.