Morgan Wilson ’17

In 2014, Colby-Sawyer College established the Colby-Sawyer Presidential Fellowship program to provide recent graduates with gateway positions to their careers through roles within the college's administration. Fellows gain work experience, develop professional skills, provide quality contributions to the work of the college, and gain an understanding of how the college plans, implements initiatives and operates.

During the 2017-2018 academic year, the Advancement Office is pleased to welcome Morgan Wilson '17 as our Presidential Fellow for Alumni & Engagement.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Newport, New Hampshire, and after high school I lived in Boston for two years.

What brought you to Colby-Sawyer?

I was actually a transfer student to Colby-Sawyer — originally, I went to school down in Boston. I applied to Colby-Sawyer because of the great things I heard my friends say about the college, the professors, and the community here. I loved the architecture of the buildings, especially the library, and the feeling of being on a real New England campus. The small classes enabled me to really build strong relationships with my professors and have dynamic, engaging discussions with my classmates.

What was your major?


Which staff or faculty member had the biggest impact on you?

That’s honestly hard to say, I’ve spent time with so many wonderful faculty members. The person who had the biggest impact on me was probably Professor Ann Page Stecker. I feel like we just had a very natural affinity for each other, and I really enjoyed her literary studies class. She was so influential in the development of my capstone paper, and pushed for me to apply to the fellowship at the school. I’m very grateful for all that she has done and all the help she has given me. I also really enjoyed the classes I had with Professors Mike Jauchen and Pat Anderson, who both teach in a way that challenges students to work hard and think better. The assignments and readings I had to do in their classes pushed me to develop my thoughts in more complex and layered ways, and the way I read and write has changed drastically because of them.

Any favorite memories from your student days?

The senior week trip to Burlington was one of my favorite memories. As a transfer student and a commuter, it was a really nice way to truly bond with the other members of my senior class. Reading on the front lawn once it started to get warm, studying in the library with friends, eating at the dining hall, hanging out in the Lodge, watching movies in Wheeler Hall — there are a lot of memories I enjoy from my time as a student at Colby-Sawyer.

Why did you choose to come back as a Fellow?

I wanted to return because, as a transfer student and a commuter, I felt like I didn’t get the full experience of the Colby-Sawyer community. I had only been here two years, and had never lived on campus, so in a way I’m able to experience some of the things I missed out on. I felt like I didn’t get enough time at Colby-Sawyer, so it’s wonderful to be able to spend another year here. I also love the people who work and study here, and this was a good way to continue working with them and deepen my relationships with those at the school. My friend Jaclyn Goddette '16 was also a fellow after she graduated, and I saw firsthand what a wonderful professional and personal experience it was for her. I also thought it was a great way to get real-life work experience for my resume, and would give me a year to prepare to possibly go on to grad school.

How is it being back on campus?

I love being back on campus! Living here is great and I love spending time with my roommate, Karen Alcazar '17, who is also here as a fellow. I hope to be able to meet up with some of my professors soon and catch up as well. The only bad thing is how cold it is here — Newport is only half an hour away, and there’s still a definite temperature difference.

What are your long term goals?

As of right now, to continue on to grad school, most likely in Boston, and possibly pursue a career as a professor. I’m considering other options as well though — I really enjoy writing and I could see that as a possible career path, and I’d also be interested in working with social advocacy and non-profit organizations.

What percentage of your clothes are black?

I’d say a solid 80%.