Abagayle Pitchford '24My CSC Story

I first knew I wanted to be a nurse during sophomore year of high school. That year, my Papa passed away due to cancer. While he was in the hospital, my Papa never received the compassion or care that he should have. This is what urged me to care for individuals with kindness and assist them in the recovery process from their diseases. After my Papa passed away, I knew I wanted to make a difference in patients' lives and help them become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves.

I really enjoy my clinicals. I learn so much from being at the hospital, and I’m able to connect what I have learned in the classroom setting into clinical practice. My favorite thing about clinicals is being able to go with my patients to diagnostic procedures, surgery and other departments in the hospital. Having this opportunity is a great learning experience to see other parts of healthcare that I may see once I start working as a nurse.

When I graduate and receive my registered nurse license in 2024, I plan to work as a pediatric nurse. After working in one hospital for a few years, I plan to begin traveling nursing in the New England area and then work my way around the United States. My goal is to travel to all fifty states.