Spill the TeaMaggie Raelson

This month’s “Spill the Tea” comes straight from Maggie Raelson, mental health counselor at the Baird Health and Counseling Center. Students can visit Baird for any health concerns including cough or fever, STD or pregnancy testing, birth control, regular checkups, gynecological services, lab work, immunizations, etc. Leigh Bears serves as the resident Nurse Practitioner available by appointment Monday through Friday. Students can also come in for mental health concerns.

As the mental health counselor, Maggie talks with the students, mainly listening and figuring out ways to help them cope with struggles and making mental health diagnoses. All counseling is free to students and can be utilized to help with relationship problems, prior trauma, family or friendship therapy, stress from school, etc. Students can also request virtual Telehealth sessions if they’re more comfortable receiving counseling from their dorm rooms. “We are here to support students in any way they may need,” Maggie says.

That level of support starts within Baird itself. Maggie explains that Baird staff members have cultivated a close-knit, warm environment and always check in on each other, share food and bounce ideas off one another. Baird is also at the forefront of dealing with COVID-19 at Colby-Sawyer. Director of Baird Health and Counseling Pam Spear helps create the protocols implemented on campus and oversees all testing, working with New London Hospital and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Maggie says her favorite aspect of her job is working with students, walking around campus, watching them play sports or perform, and seeing a different side of them outside of counseling. She says she’s excited to be back in that atmosphere and have students on campus again. Maggie says, “I think Colby-Sawyer has created an environment where students can really be supported on all ends, and we want to be one of those major supports.”