Teacher Certification

Earn a bachelor’s degree in the major of your choice and a New Hampshire certification in middle (5-8) or secondary (9-12) education through Colby-Sawyer’s unique collaboration with Upper Valley Educators Institute (UVEI).

Good News Travels Fast

Traditional teacher certification programs require an additional year of full-time study following your undergraduate degree. That’s five years of school plus five years of tuition.

The accelerated pathway certification allows you to earn your Colby-Sawyer bachelor’s degree in your chosen major and UVEI certification in just four carefully planned years. When you add it up, that’s a savings of one year of time and one year of tuition. The best part is that you can stay living with your Colby-Sawyer friends while studying at UVEI.

Move into Practical Experience

Gain experience in a classroom close to campus, where a skilled teacher will mentor you during two full-time internships. A weekly seminar with fellow interns (completed simultaneously with your clinical experience) supports your professional development with peer discussion and reflection of teaching methods, curriculum planning, learning theory, child and adolescent development and classroom management.

Colby-Sawyer to UVEI

UVEI is located in nearby Lebanon, N.H., just 25 minutes north of New London, N.H.

Colby-Sawyer and UVEI: The Smartest Route to Certification

Colby-Sawyer’s partnership with UVEI allows you to begin the teacher certification process immediately after completing your bachelor’s degree requirements. Here’s how:

  • Choose a Colby-Sawyer major plus a minor in education
  • Take introductory education courses on campus
  • Achieve 120 credits, including 30 in your major
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA in qualifying courses
  • Collect three recommendations
  • Pass the Praxis Core exam
  • Develop a teaching portfolio
  • Fulfill a seminar experience at UVEI
  • Complete supervised clinical experiences in a school setting