Clubs & Organizations

The Butterfly Effect

They say a small change in one place can have large effects elsewhere. It’s called the butterfly effect. At Colby-Sawyer, it happens when students who care about the environment come together outside of the classroom to make positive changes on campus, in the community and beyond. Come spread your wings and see what changes you can make.

Biology Club

Connect with students who appreciate the wonder and splendor of the natural world — from the simple beauty of a spider's web to the complexity of the human brain. Discuss local and global issues, explore nature and participate in community service projects.

Eco Reps

Eco-Reps are responsible for maintaining zero-sort recycling areas around campus, ensuring that materials are collected and removed in a timely manner. Eco-Reps are paid for their time, effort and enthusiasm. The team also works with Residential Assistants to plan events and outreach activities in residence halls including energy competitions and educational programs.

Gardening Club

Get your hands dirty in the campus’ organic garden while increasing your knowledge of horticulture through workshops, locally sourced dinners and visits to regional farms.

Outing Club

Enjoy the four-season community that Colby-Sawyer calls home! Get together with adventure seekers and nature lovers to enjoy rock climbing, hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, canoeing, apple picking and kayaking.

Project Green Challenge

Join high school and college students from around the world in the Project Green Challenge. The 30-day call-to-action features environmentally themed challenges that help you to build mentorship, advocacy and leadership skills

Sustainability Core

Play an active role in the implementation of environmentally friendly practices and programming and as an advocate for campus sustainability. Help coordinate Earth Week activities, combat the throwaway culture at the annual ReChargers Resale event, conserve water with the Take-Back-the-Tap initiative, and co-host energy conservation competitions between the residence halls.