Housing Application FAQ

The following list provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the housing application process for entering students.

Where do I submit my housing application?

Visit the Charger Checklist by visiting the Student page of myColby-Sawyer. Once you are on the Charger Checklist, you will see a link for “Housing Application.” Click this link to access the Residence online housing system, where you will complete and submit your housing application.

How do I know if my housing application has been submitted properly?

There will be a green check mark next to “Housing Application” on the Charger Checklist once you have completed your application. Note that staff members must process all applications, so please allow a few days for the red X to become a green check mark – it does not automatically change.

When will I receive my housing assignment?

The first round of roommate and housing assignments will go out by mid-June via Colby-Sawyer email to all students who have completed a housing application. Housing assignments will be sent on a rolling basis to students who submit their applications after that time.

Can I make a roommate request?

As noted on the Charger Checklist for Entering Students, the due date to make a specific roommate request is May 15. Note that submitting a roommate request is an optional and separate process from the housing application, and most students do not request a specific roommate. Students should complete their housing applications before requesting a roommate.

What do I need to bring with me to live on campus?

You can review and print the What to Bring Guide for what we think you will need when living on campus.

I'm having trouble logging in to the Residence online housing system. What should I do?
  • You should first confirm that you are using your full myColby-Sawyer email address (including the "@my.colby-sawyer.edu" part of it) as your username for the Residence system. You should also use the same password you use to log in to PowerCAMPUS Self-Service.

  • If you have confirmed both of those items and you still can't log in, confirm that your password still works by logging in to Moodle or PowerCAMPUS Self-Service.

    If you cannot log in to Moodle or PowerCAMPUS Self-Service, you are using the wrong password or there is a problem with your account. Contact the Helpdesk for further assistance.

    If you can log in to Moodle or PowerCAMPUS Self-Service, then your password is fine and you should contact Residential Education or the Helpdesk by email for further assistance.