Citizenship Education

At Colby-Sawyer College, we believe that the educational experiences we provide, both in and out of the classroom, helps prepare our students to be effective global citizens.

Community is Based on Respect for Individuals and for the Whole

The mission of the Department of Citizenship Education is to promote responsible, ethical, and community-minded behavior by developing and facilitating citizenship programs; to supervise the conduct system and hold those accountable who violate the college's code of community responsibility.

Code of Community Responsibility

Colby-Sawyer College student community members are expected to read, understand, and abide by the college’s policies, the student conduct process and procedures, as well as their student rights and responsibilities as outlined throughout the Code of Community Responsibility and the Title IX Sexual Harassment Policies & Procedures.

Citizenship Education Programs

The Department of Citizenship Education conducts a variety of programs to help educate the community regarding being a Colby-Sawyer and global citizen, dating violence awareness and prevention, multicultural awareness, and sexual assault/harassment/stalking, dating violence awareness and prevention programs.

For further information contact the Department of Citizenship Education.