Student Investment Fund

The Suzanne '66 and John Hammond Student Managed Investment Fund is an exceptional, engaged learning component of the Investment Management course. The course routinely ranks among students' favorite courses at Colby-Sawyer and is open to students across disciplines who meet the required prerequisites and are interested in learning about the exciting world of stocks.

The Start of Something Big

Created in 2008 with an initial investment of $25,000, the Fund has grown to today’s approximate portfolio value of $500,000 due to additional gifts, dividends and capital appreciation. This gift remains the most celebrated — it was the seed that truly allowed the Fund to grow and educate a generation of students interested in the stock market, investment management and finance.

Giving 110%

The Investment Management course is not your "typical" college class — it is a hands-on learning experience that casts you in a fund management role and brings you face-to-face with industry experts. You'll compete for positions from portfolio manager to sector analyst, make buy/sell/hold recommendations, vote on proposals and execute trades.

Investment Management students have hosted financial literacy sessions, visited high-profile financial institutions including the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, and attended prominent investment management conferences including the Global Asset Management Education Forum in New York City, where the Fund and its student managers were recognized as International Champions in the Undergraduate Value Investing category for a 21.2 percent time weighted return.

Going Strong

The Fund has a diverse mix of domestic and international stocks and is governed by the Business Administration Department’s Student Managed Investment Fund bylaws, which allow stocks to make up 80 to 100 percent of the portfolio. These are the current largest holdings of the Fund:

A Class Act

Graduates say their experience managing the Fund stood out during interviews for internships and full-time employment. Students who completed the Investment Management course and managed the Fund’s assets are employed at many of the biggest names in the industry. And with job placement as an indicator of success, it is easy to see why the Fund and the Investment Management course continue to grow in popularity.